List Prices for Homes and Condos in Cincinnati

Bird’s eye view of homes for sale in greater Cincinnati!

Birds eye view of downtown Cincinnati

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Looking at prices last year (June 2013) by and large the median list price for both homes and condos has increased. The exception is 45014 where the median list price for both dropped.  No particular reason for the ups or the downs except market demand and what’s available for sale.  Given today’s market, many sellers are willing to help buyers cover closing costs allowing buyers with good credit but not a lot of cash available for down payment and closing costs to move into the housing market.

According to the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati potential buyers have 8351 single family homes and 1300 condos – a decent bump in the number of single family homes and hanging steady with condos listed since the last zip code report.

Greater Cincinnati Real Estate ZipCode Update 061214

Some areas are really hot and some are…business as usual.  Pricing a property correctly from the minute it’s listed remains the number one thing for sellers in the greater Cincinnati real estate market.

Stay tuned for market updates.