Money or Love?

Money or Love?

Endorsements and Payments

Is it just me or is everybody experiencing the same phenomena?  It seems that within nano-seconds of ordering any products or services some entity is reaching out for your endorsement, testimonial, review or rating?  The product hasn’t arrived or even hit the charge card and “they” would like me to document my undying love so it can be posted online for world to read.  Even restaurants are in the same boat. If you’ve made a reservation online, emails asking for testimonials start hitting the your inbox within hours of the time reserved and seem to continue for weeks and weeks.

And the real estate business is heading in the same direction.  Agents are finding themselves ranked on various web sites based on the number of online testimonials or kudos- so our clients now find themselves in the cross hairs for requests to write a delightful commentary  buying or selling a property  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against genuine praise that agents can share with potential clients- but the pursuit of ratings and comments seems to have become a booming industry and the demands put on consumers to cough up positive prose is expanding daily.

How many people do you know purchase major items or hire professionals based on the online statements of people they don’t know? 

Basic items, like furnace filters, toys or some clothing items may warrant quick peek at comments to verify sizing or life span.  Personally, I don’t purchase major goods or hire service providers based solely on reading online endorsements – especially when some vendors are hiring people to post fake reviews.  I ask for suggestions from people I know and trust-because they’ll provide me with accurate information as well as the pros and cons of the vendor.

There’s nothing wrong with your real estate agent or any product or service asking for feedback and permission to post comments online.  But for many of today’s consumers the problems pop up when the push for comments outweighs the need of providing great service without any strings attached.  Or in my case -you can have my money and/or my love-but pushing for both every time I order something motivates me to use a different service or vendor in the future.