Can Packing and Moving be Fun?

Can Packing and Moving be Fun?

Making packing fune_NAVL_wardrobeFrom Packing to Loading: 5 Ways to Make Moving More Fun

It’s no secret that moving to a new home can be more drudgery than fun, with all the planning and packing that needs to be done. But why focus on the negative when you can actively find ways to make the process a much more enjoyable one? Here are five ways to make moving more fun from start to finish.

  • Host a packing party. Packing by yourself can be torture. Packing with others can be fun! Invite friends and family over to help you pack. Entice them with delicious food and drinks, throw on some groovin’ tunes, and your packing will get done in no time!
  • Get the whole family involved. If you’ve got children, chances are they’ll want to know why you’re moving. Be sure to give them as many details as you can so they feel comfortable with the upcoming changes. To make the move a full-family affair, assign each child tasks to help with the moving process. Make packing a game and let them race to see who can finish packing their belongings the quickest. Or, reward them for helping with ice cream or a new toy.
  • Explore your new neighborhood before you even arrive. You may not enjoy packing, researching moving companies, or any other prep work involved with a move. However, taking time to get excited about your future can help make the other stuff worth it. Sit down with your family and look up nearby restaurants, retail shops, and more. Make plans to visit a famous attraction in your new city once you arrive.
  • Hold a family sleepover in the living room. When all the bedrooms are packed up, clear a spot in the living room, pitch a tent or sleeping bags, and plan a fun evening with sleepover activities you and the kids can enjoy together. Put on a few family-friendly flicks, microwave popcorn, and order a pizza. Make it a night to remember.
  • Create a theme for moving day. Whether it’s pirates, the beach, or some other quirky theme, go all out. Dress up, talk with accents, play themed music – whatever it takes to get into the spirit of moving day. It’ll add a layer of fun to a day that might otherwise be a bit sad.

Take the drudgery out of moving – be intentional about making it fun. Not only will this lower the stress levels, but you’ll create positive memories from the whole experience.

David Shapiro is a marketing specialist for moving companies such as North American Van Lines. He lives in the southwestern United States and enjoys various outdoor activities such as biking, swimming, and hiking.