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Brighten Your Home With Flowers and Lighting for a Quick Sale

filed under: For Sellers posted on March 27th, 2014


If you want to sell your home quickly, the National Association of Realtors recommends staging. But don’t make your home look like a typical Cincinnati home; make it stand out with bright lighting and fresh flowers so potential buyers will feel good about potentially calling it theirs. It’s all about the way people feel. Create a warm and welcoming feeling in your staged home with these tips.

A Picture Perfect Home

Most people’s first look into a home is on the Internet. Especially in a Cincinnati winter, people will spend hours looking at online listings to decide which homes to brave the cold to view. Regardless of the season, your photos must catch buyers’ attention and interest.

Photo by Jim Larrison via Flickr

A Splash of Color on the Outside

Two large flower pots or hanging baskets in the front yard by the porch bring the viewer’s attention to your front door. If you have large trees on the property, a bed of flowers beneath each tree is a way you can emphasize those shade-giving beauties.¬† If you have a backyard patio and it’s nice weather, suggests giving it a bistro look. Position a small table and chairs on the deck with some flowers in a glass bowl in the center of the table. Add a couple of place settings and you’ve created a spot where people can see themselves having morning coffee as they watch the sun rise.

Brighten Up the House

The Staging Diva says that you don’t need a big budget to stage your home with fresh flowers and lighting. Setting the mood is a powerful and easy thing to do. Flowers create focal points that catch the buyer’s eye and make them feel happy, and as notes, lighting plays a key factor in determining how we feel at any particular moment. Tackle these areas first:

Entryway: Make visitors feel welcome as they walk into the house with a table and vase of flowers in the entryway. The bright colors and fresh scent will set the tone for the rest of the walk-through.

Kitchen: Light up the kitchen by letting the sun stream in through the windows or using LED lights attached to the bottom of the top cabinets to shine on work surfaces. Lots of light over the stove, sink and counter tops makes this a more appealing place to practice culinary skills.

Photo by Jim Larrison via Flickr

Dining Room: Take your time and design an impressive floral arrangement for the dining room table. This is a gathering spot for people to get together and socialize. A large display easily becomes a conversation starter and brings warm memories. Buyers can see themselves entertaining in this room because of its welcoming energy. Don’t stress yourself out over this arrangement though. Simplify staging by ordering floral arrangements from or another florist. Change out the display each week until the house sells.

Living Room: Use spot lights to highlight wall hangings, art work and other focal points. A large overhead light is helpful during a house showing, but table lamps, hanging lamps and LED accent lights will create dimension in this room.

Photo by CileMontgomery via Flickr

Bedrooms: Use flowers that match the room decor or some seasonal favorites to bring life into these spaces.

Bathrooms: Brighten up the bathrooms with compact fluorescent lighting, especially over the mirror. Use spot lights to shine on beautiful, luxurious linens.

Photo by Jeremy Levine Design via Flickr

Author Bio: Jessica Turner  Interior decorator, part-time real estate agent, full-time CrossFit enthusiast.

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