Real Estate Activity in and Around Greater Cincinnati

The sun is shining on segments of the real estate market in the greater Cincinnati townships.

Cincinnati Townships Real Estater Cincinnati Hyatt Regency 21114

Snow, sleet or ice are not slowing down determined buyers.  The number of appointments set by agents to show properties to their clients continues to climb and the number of buyers out looking at Sunday open houses is substantial.  This winter has fostered some cramped households- which is good news.  Buyers are looking for more space and sellers are happy to have the activity.

Data pulled from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati shows that potential buyers have 7294– single family homes and 1233 – 100 less single family homes and an increase of 10 condos available since the last township report.

Cincinnati Townships Real Estater Weekly Update 021114

5 of the 6 townships listed in this report have higher median list prices for single family homes and a mixed bag of ups/downs and staying or status quo for the condo listings. Speaking from personal experience, homes listed at the right price are gone within days.

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