5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Winterize Your Real Estate in Greater Cincinnati

5 Cheap and Easy Ways to Winterize Your Real Estate in Greater Cincinnati

Saving money on energy bills in Cincinnati

Saving money on energy bills in CincinnatiIt seems unfair that Opening Day is around the corner and we’re still suffering from frigid temperatures and endless blasts of snow and/or rain…and the latest energy bills arriving in our mailboxes are sending many consumers into a different type of vortex. Here are 5 quick and simple ideas on how to save a few dollars on future energy bills.

  1. Wash your clothes in cold water.  According to experts 90% of our dirty clothes can be washed in cold water.  Since heating the water consumes energy dollars-try adjusting wash and rinse temperatures to cold and save some money.
  2. Close your fireplace damper.  Burning a fire in a normal fireplace in frigid weather makes us feel better…however warm household air is going up your fireplace with the smoke.  Close both the doors on your fireplace and the damper to keep warm air inside your home and cut down on drafts.
  3. Manage your curtains/blinds and shades to maximize heat retention.  Let the sunshine in and as the sun goes down, remember to close curtains or pull the shades down to help retain heat inside the house.  Even the best insulated windows allow cold in and heat out.
  4. Winterize unused windows and doors.  If you have drafty windows or doors and don’t have the time or money to replace or insulate- something as simple as rolled up towels.
  5. Finally, turn the temp down on your hot water heater.  Most of us have the temps set too high- we want the shower water to warm up in 3 seconds or less- but setting a lower temperature around 120 degrees is usually more than enough for average households.

None of these are expensive or difficult to implement and hopefully you can save some money.

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