Real Estate Activity for Townships Around Greater Cincinnati

Spring has hit the Cincinnati real estate market.  Lots of new listings popping up here and there.

Houses popping up in greater Cincinnati

More buyers are appearing at Sunday open houses and, in general house hunting activity is climbing.  Data pulled from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati shows that potential buyers have 9591– single family homes and 1538 –finally an increase in the number of homes and condos available -which helps to motivate some of the fence sitters to start looking again.

Cincinnati Townships Real Estater Weekly Update 011414

The median list prices in the townships continues to bounce up and down which is normal as sellers adjust to market demands.  If you have the only listing in a popular neighborhood or complex the asking price is probably higher than if 10 homes/condos are listed at the same time.  We need to keep pushing hesitant sellers to sign up and get their properties on the market now!  Bad weather (lots of snow)  may impact the housing market for a next few weeks-but don’t get discouraged…spring is not too far away.

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