How’s the School District?

School Districts in Greater CincinnatiMany home buyers in the greater Cincinnati real estate market ask “How’s the school district”?

My answer is always the same- I don’t know however I can provide you with phone numbers for the school districts in our area and you are welcome to contact them directly to discuss your needs and concerns.  It not the answer most buyers want to hear-but it’s the only way to answer the question.  Any opinion I’d have on a school district is based on opinion and not fact.  There isn’t any way for Realtors to keep updated on the shifting sands of school ratings, levies and issues for every school the metropolitan Cincinnati market….that is not say that some agents do express their opinions and offer schooling advice.

Over the years I come to the conclusion that every area school district has good points and it really depends on personal needs.  If you are new to the area the State of Ohio has a web site which posts grades for every school district in the state.  If you’ve narrowed your search down a few districts don’t hesitate to ask to speak to some other people with kids in the district.  School staff can provide you with contacts within the parent organization and many Realtors have clients living all over town.

Bottom line don’t think poorly of your agent if they direct you to resources- it’s the right way to handle your question.  Start your home search by school district now!