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The Federal Government Shutdown Impacts Local Cincinnati Real Estate

filed under: Real Estate posted on October 11th, 2013

Local Cincinnati home sales deals are beginning to feel the sting of the federal government shut down.

Mortgage Loans and Government Shutdown Borrowers sitting on the fence waiting to hear from their loan officer about the status of their loan and closings delayed at the last minute because of missing documentation.  Each lender is setting their own guidelines to work around the impact unresponsive federal government departments.  Simple things like verifying social security numbers through the social security administration has become a “work around” for lenders.  There isn’t any single fix for the current set of problems because every loan and loan file is unique – so both buyers and sellers will have to be patient.  For example on FHA loans a “case number” is needed from FHA prior to the loan can receiving final approval and the numbers aren’t being issued because the Federal Housing Authority is closed. Our in-house lender affiliate is also trying to minimize the impact on federal government employees by temporarily amending verbal verification requirement on certain types of loans. Also “tax transcripts” normally validated by the IRS is waived until the federal government decides to return from their paid vacation time.  Pretty frustrating for all involved- but especially for the buyers and sellers days away from a closing ……and trying to figure out if and when the loan will be approved and funded for closing.  Hang in there is the new mantra for the real estate industry as we all wait and wait for a resolution. Good news however our elected officials in D.C. continue to collect paychecks, receive benefits and have access to their private barbershop in the Capital.  Apparently what’s good for the Washington “goose” is not always good for us “ganders”.

However if you’re not all that concerned ( face it- most us know that puffing and beating one’s chest doesn’t mean you’re strong or going to win) and are ready to take advantage of low interest rates and motivated sellers- and are ready to start house hunting or put your home on the market now-Click here to to Call: 513-300-4090,by email or Subscribe

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