Rubber Duckies are Ready to Soar!

Rubber Duck Regatta 2013

Buy a duck-feed a child

 Now is the time to buy your yellow rubber duckies!

It’s a win win for you and your neighbors in greater Cincinnati.  And as one my favorites events, this year the  “Rubber Duck Regatta”  is boasting that close  to 200,000 bright yellow ducks will soar (actually they are dumped) off the Purple People Bridge during downtown Labor Day festivities.  This year the ducks are launching at 3pm on Sunday, September 1st.

All the proceeds benefit the Freestore Foodbank which distributes over 12 million pounds of food each year through a dedicated network of local Member Agencies.

A $5 donation buys a numbered duck and if your rubber ducky floats across the finish line first- you win the grand prize- a new Honda Civic. If you have a few extra dollars $25 buys 6 ducks. So in addition to helping others- you get the opportunity to cheer on your duck in the race- a win/win.

The “Duck Auction” provides serious celebrity hunters the chance to bid on an autographed ducky.

Good lucFreestore Foodbankk-because I’m confident that one of my yellow rubber duckies will come in first this year.  But no matter who wins the grand prize-our neighbors are the real winners when the Freestore Foodbank is fully stocked.