Home Primping on the Cheap

Home Primping on the Cheap

Primping for sale

Primping or prepping your property for sale in the greater Cincinnati real estate market can be stressful and costly.  Lots of sellers resist putting more money into a property they’re trying to sell- but it’s really about getting ready for “date night” -making sure your condo or house is …looking good!

Primping for saleHere are some relatively inexpensive “primping ideas” as we head into the fall months:

  • Week wacking and bush trimming.  This summer has been  kind to bushes and weeds alike.  The summer weather generated growth at astounding rates and if your house has been on the market for a few months it might be time to reshape bushes and work on garden beds and weeds.  Curb appeal extends to the walkway up to the front door. Primping Score =hard labor but relatively inexpensive.
  • Don’t neglect the inside of your house. Declutter, thoroughly clean and if needed neutralize paint and carpeting.  If the pictures of property on MLS resemble the inside of a furniture or  home goods stores- it’s time to put things in storage or sell them.  Primping Score= hard work with high return.  Neutral paint color and carpeting are by far the least expensive investments with the highest dollar return.  Potential buyers often discount homes in need of both carpeting and painting.  Primping Score  = medium cost with high impact.
  • Doors, drawers, locks and lights are functioning properly.  Sounds silly but it’s amazing how many times sticky doors, broken kitchen drawers, malfunctioning front door locks and burned out light bulbs impact potential buyers.  Usually the fixes are pretty easy and should be a no brainer for sellers.  Primping Score= easy work, fairly inexpensive and high return.

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