Old Dogs -New Tricks in Cincinnati Real Estate

Old Dogs -New Tricks in Cincinnati Real Estate

CABR Midwest TechFair

Are you an old dog or an old dog willing to learn new tricks?

Dog Days of Training

The focus of the Cincy blog is usually aimed at consumers but today I’m targeting Realtors (c) working in the greater Cincinnati real estate market.  The saying goes “we’re only as good as the weakest link”  and in an industry that relies heavily on the ability of fellow agents to “keep up”- it’s more important than ever for local agents to take advantage of any opportunity to learn  The upcoming “Midwest Techfair” scheduled for August 22nd is a great place to start but it seems like agents aren’t taking advantage of the session and may be surprised when the “old dogs” (and old dogs are not restricted to older agents) have decided to learn new tricks and improve the way they handle business.

The top 5 excuses expressed by agents for not attending are:CABR Midwest TechFair

  1. No CE credit (really!)
  2. Costs $$ ($39)
  3. My company had a tech summit (great take a few hours to build on what you know and take it to the next level)
  4. Not up-to-date enough to understand the sessions (no time the present to start learning- bit by bit)
  5. Too busy (session schedules are posted- pick an choose that will help your business grow)

The idea is grab a few valuable pieces of training or information in order to make your life as a Realtor (c) easier and to ensure we keep up with the demands of our ever changing base of clients.  Maybe if we all learn just one new techy thing that saves us time, money or printing thousands of sheets of paper-our lives, businesses and bottom lines will improve.

Personally, the best part of the techfair is the opportunity to pick the brains of fellow agents on what “apps/software/gear” they are using and why.  So become an old dog willing to learn new tricks and no more excuses-just click here now to register.

Maybe you’ll run into some of your friends!