Let Everyone See Your Cincy Home for What it Is

Let Everyone See Your Cincy Home for What it Is

table and chair by the window iThe eyes to a home’s soul are its windows. Typically, a potential homeowner will get his first glimpse at a future home by peering through these panes. Yet if the exterior of these windows lack dress appeal, the buyer may never cast that first glance. Give your Cincy neighborhood listings a renovation. Stage your listed houses with window coverings that invite and encourage a buyer to peak inside. Here are a few pertinent examples of how to stage the windows of homes in your listing area.

The Village of Evendale, Ohio

The Village of Evendale not only has become an industrialized community, but also maintains its farms and gently rolling hills that provide an attractive place to live. As a result, expect to see sophisticated single-family homes featuring window treatments made from the most fashionable materials. Most commonly, you will find stately curtains constructed with lux fabrics, such as raw silk or hand-woven cloth, and block-printed with couture or designer prints. Look for window coverings made from eco-conscious materials, such as bamboo or teak, that incorporate a forward-thinking and worldly look for a home. Steer clear of homely curtains with dated prints or from inexpensive roller blinds made from inexpensive plastic.

A National Historic Landmark: Glendale

In the Village of Glendale, Ohio, 2,155 citizens enjoy a relaxed and peaceful community rich in history, according to GlendaleOhio.org. Established in 1855, Glendale is Ohio’s sole neighborhood to be awarded a National Historic Landmark designation by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Expect to find charming Victorian farmhouses lined up alongside suburban shopping strips in Millcreek Valley, states GlendaleMuseum.com.

This village is a tranquil setting nestled in the hustle of the surrounding Cincy neighborhoods. Window treatments for homes on the market should reflect both the historical context of Glendale, as well as the modern edge affected by the area to attract a greater variety of clients. Opt for a more traditional style of window coverings, such as curtains made from lace or wood slat roller shades. If you are decorating a historical home, look for period pieces that date to the time the home was originally constructed. Consult with the Glendale Heritage Preservation Museum for assistance establishing a time period for your home, and to locate resources for periodical window coverings.

The fine details of home decorating offer potential buyers the opportunity to see a house as a home. From the window coverings, whether they are roller shades or Roman blinds, a person can begin to understand the personality of a house. Once a client takes in these fine details, they can better determine if a home will be the perfect fit for them. Don’t leave your clients in the dark. Let the light of opportunity shine through by staging your Cincy listings with the appropriate window dressings.