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Did the Your Neighbor’s House Really Sell for a Million Dollars?

filed under: Sales posted on April 26th, 2013

Homes for Sale Cincinnati OhioLove is hard to come by when you make your living dealing with homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio.  People see you at a gathering there are no greetings, no “how are you?” the first question everybody asks “how much did that house sell for?”  And my reply is  -“what did you hear or what do you think?”.

In greater Cincinnati 7 times out of 10 the answer is wrong- not because the data isn’t available on county web sites– but because we tend to believe what we hear from neighbors and friends.

To provide some idea about sale prices I pulled information from several areas throughout Cincinnati. The chart below reflects the average sales price and the highest sales price. The prices are for single family homes which closed between 01/01/13-05/07/13

(Data from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati.)
Cincinnati Sold Prices

If you’re wondering about sale prices of property -just send me the address and I will be glad to look up the details. That way you’ll know exactly “what that Cincinnati house sold for”!

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