Does Your Home Office Need a Make Over?

Does Your Home Office Need a Make Over?

It’s not just the homes for sale in Cincinnati that need “staging”- just take an honest look at your home office!


By Doug Chapman

Tips to Giving Your Home Office a Refresh

Just because you work from home or have an office that you use nonstop at home doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t resemble a nice working space just as if you were working actually in an office downtown. This ends up being the space that we spend so much time in so why wouldn’t you keep it fresh and clean, somewhere that you will feel comfortable in grinding through the day.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to give it a fresh look, either. A few simple changes or additions will go a long way in making the office space, and you frankly, refreshed and recharged.

Here are some tips to giving your home office a refreshing look:

Add Saddle Chair
Everyone has the typical office chair, which is fine if you want to be boring and not have your home office have liveliness. Replace that chair with the saddle chair, which is not only cooler and slick, but it also does wonders for the actual body. The actual seat and back are put together so you can sit sideways or reversed yet still have support for your arms. It will have people talking about your office and how cool it looks with something as little as this, believe me.

Separate Office Space From Family Part of Home
It is always easier said than done, but you need to separate your office space from the rest of the house. This can easily be done by creating an office space that doesn’t fit necessarily with the feel or the mood of the house, but more so what you personally think makes you comfortable. You can’t have the urge to go to the kitchen and have a snack or sit in the living room to watch TV. So be creating more of an office atmosphere goes a long way to mentally keep you in the right frame of mind to keep plugging away at work. Make sure to have a closed door or an enclosed space of the house rather than saying your ‘office space’ is a desk in the corner of the family room. By designating a certain spot of the house, you will put yourself back in the corporate world and feel refreshed in no time.

Add Stylish Curtains
After you figure out which closed-off area of the house you are designating the office area (or the den), feel free to freshen it up with some roman shades so that it feels like you are working in the corner office of the downtown building with people being envious of your area. This might cost a few extra dollars, but again you will feel comfortable as well as having the office atmosphere separating the house from the office. This will liven up the room, and it will give your office space a fresh look.

Add Plants
Another easy and simple way to freshen up the home office space is to add some plants to your working space. They don’t need to overtake the room by any stretch, but it gives the office space a little extra added feel to being in an actual office outside of your home. I would not suggest going overboard with anything special, but possibly just one or two plants to put near the corners of the room to add a liveliness that will spark up the mood of the office while also giving it a nice touch.

Add Fish Tank
Not that you are trying to make your office into a doctor’s office waiting area, but you can’t go wrong giving your home office a fresh, cool look with the addition of a fish tank. You can’t half-ass it though, you need to do it right. Get a few larger fish that are bright in colors. Keep it up to date. Spruce it up with fish that even your boss downtown wouldn’t have. It will give the entire home office a cool feel to it.

Author: Doug Chapman is a staff writer for HomeDaddys, a stay at home dad blog. He specializes in diapers and sippy cups, but is a successful real estate investor on the side.