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Home Buying Tips & Property Advice from “Down Under”

filed under: Real Estate posted on December 21st, 2012

Real estate is a universal subject and interesting to learn about markets in other parts of the world.  An associate offers some information about Australia that I thought I would share!

Australian Real Estate

Australia offers unparalleled choices when it comes to property investment. Holiday units in high rise towers on the Gold Coast, sleek inner city townhouses, charmingly old world bay-side apartments, and spacious family homes- to name but a few. Our famously wide swathes of sunburned country hold great appeal to overseas investors, used to cramped metropolises with little opportunity for growth and development.

There’s been much hysteria concerning the worldwide property market slump of late. Buyers could be forgiven for thinking that property is a riskier investment than it was a decade ago. And while it may be true that certain sectors of the market have taken quite a beating, with careful research and expert advice from in-the-know realtors like Opportunity Realty Mackay, property can still be a canny investment.

Houses in the inner city area’s of Australia’s capital cities have sailed through the tough times unscathed, with robust sales and steadily increasing median prices ensuring few think twice about the wisdom of buying in such areas. But it can be nightmarishly difficult to find what you require in this sector of the market, leaving overseas buyers who want a fuss-free, no maintenance investment with the big question: where to buy now?

Many experts are advising would be investors to look to the major satellite towns- that is towns with a firmly established infrastructure – within an hour to an hour and a half’s commute from the closest city centre. Traditionally more affordable owing to their distance from the CBD, satellite towns are rapidly gaining in popularity as families come to appreciate the more relaxed pace of life, less congested roads, choice of schools and varied recreational opportunities. Overseas investors can get good rental returns on houses in these areas, while the property continues to appreciate in value. Only a minimal down payment will be required to secure your slice of this long neglected sector of the market.

If you’re interested in more detailed advice regarding buying your next home, or an overseas investor excited by the vast options Australian real estate has to offer, visit

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