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The Simple Art of Washing Dishes

filed under: Real Estate posted on December 14th, 2012

It’s safe to say that having your Cincinnati property up for sale is a pain…having it for sale during the holiday season is probably a bigger pain!

If the information is not detailed enough or if you are considering buying or selling your house or condo- call for detailed market analysis. Or
One Messy Kitchen

Local Cincinnati Realtors have a hundred different opinions about whether you should decorate for the season or keep it simple.  Adding to the mess right now is an abundance mud and leaves leaving tracks everywhere and random rain storms spotting freshly cleaned windows.

Oh the joys and stresses of selling a house.

The majority of buyers (not the ones seriously addicted to HGTV shows) are pretty tolerant of small mounds of random toys, holiday decorations and the occasional messy garage. However one thing that turns off most buyers (and agents) is a truly trashy, messy house.  Disgusting bathrooms and dirty dishes stacked on the counter or in the kitchen sink often sends buyers out the door to see the next property.

The simple art of dish washing, bathroom cleaning and a quick run around to tidy excess messes can be the difference between selling quickly or not selling for months and months.  Buyers imagine themselves living in the property and when homeowners cannot afford to paint or neutralize carpeting- most Realtors can talk buyers through the property’s potential after painting and carpeting are completed.  It’s very difficult to “neutralize” the problem buyers have imagining moving in and having to de-scuzz the entire place.

Keep it simple guidelines:

  • If you have a dishwasher- load it.
  • No dishwasher- wash and put away.
  • Clean the surfaces in the kitchen
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Make the beds
  • Any piles or mounds (that somebody can fall over) should be cleared

Clean and simple  kitchen counter
As a seller, if you’re struggling with uncooperative partners and/or kids -many Realtors have “kid” contracts that might also be useful to redirect sloppy spouses or roommates -just ask.


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