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News for Ohio: Plan for More in Cincinnati

filed under: Cincinnati Ohio posted on December 8th, 2012

By: Joseph Rodriguez

Choosing a new city to live in, whether nearby or across the country, can be a daunting task. You’re looking for someplace safe and affordable. You’ll want plenty of quality prospects for employment and good schools. Don’t forget about recreation— you’ll want easy access to your favorite pastimes and the option to broaden your horizons.

Cincinnati has all of that and more. Forbes listed Cincinnati as one of the best places to raise a family. Cincinnati is also popular amongst recent grads and young professionals. It’s one of the fastest-growing and thriving cities in the country. According to the online news magazine,, it has been top-ranked in lists of “most affordable,” “best rehab market,” and “most livable.” So why should you call Cincinnati home?

Housing & Cost of Living

Cincinnati is the third-largest city in Ohio. The Greater Cincinnati, spans over Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. According to CNN Money, Cincinnati is among the “top-ten” list of most affordable cities to buy a home with an average price of $110,000. Neighborhoods rich in culture and history are all over the city.

Just a few highlights include:

  • Family friendly suburbs. Glendale is a tiny community described by as being like a “Norman Rockwell painting come to life.”
  • Choose from trendy, urban downtown Cincinnati apartments. Downtown can be crossed on foot in about twenty minutes which means you can walk to your favorite sporting events, restaurants, and other downtown destinations.
  • The Over-the-Rhine district is home to many art organizations. Nestled among the largest collection of 19th-century “Italianate” architecture in the U.S.

Jobs & Industry

In Cincinnati, the average income is higher than the national average by about 10 percent. Average yearly income is $71,000, according to CNN Money. Several Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies like Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, and Kroger have headquarters in Cincinnati. The city is highly ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Hot Cities for Entrepreneurs” and has a well-educated workforce, ranking in the top-ten most literate cities in the U.S., according to Some major industries in Cincinnati include auto manufacturing, bioscience, aerospace, financial services, chemicals and plastics.

According to, it’s also one of the top 25 cities for a career as a police officer.


Cincinnati is rich in history and experience. It was the first major “boomtown” in the U.S. and experienced rapid growth in the 19th-century. The Cincinnati Reds, are America’s first professional baseball team. Cincinnati is also the only city to ever build and own a railroad. You can see the fascinating history through the architecture and culture of the city.

Activities & Things to Do

Cincinnati offers professional baseball and football (the Reds and Bengals) including stock car racing at the Kentucky Speedway, and thoroughbred horse racing at Turfway Park.

Love music? Cincinnati is the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll and is currently a hub for the counter-culture music scene. You’ll have plenty of options to see great, live music at venues across the city. The city also offers zoos, aquariums, parks, and casinos. It’s also home to popular attractions like Coney Island Amusement Park and The Beach Waterpark.

In Cincinnati, you’ll have access to quality live entertainment from all facets of the performing arts. You can also visit a number of art and history museums, including America’s only public sign museum— the aptly named American Sign Museum.

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