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What do Tulips and Faucets Have in Common for Homeowners in Greater Cincinnati?

filed under: Real Estate posted on October 29th, 2012

It’s that time of the year in greater Cincinnati for home and condo owners to begin thinking about upcoming weather changes.

Spring Tulips

Personally, in order to sustain the party atmosphere for the neighborhood squirrels -I planted lots of tulip bulbs.   In spite of trying to deter our furry neighbors, suspicious holes have already appeared around some of the planting spots-hopefully a few of the bulbs will survive to bloom in the spring.  Every year I have visions of a fields of tulips in the spring and usually end up with 3-5 bulbs surviving the squirrel buffet table.

After digging in the dirt, the next thing on the list:

  • Check caulking around windows and doors and patch any cracks.
  • Clean up and cover the grill
  • Check/lubricate the springs and tracks on garage door(s).
  • Clear out dead leaves from the gutters- and if you’re lucky enough to own a Bradford Pear…this chore cannot be done until after Thanksgiving.

Finally and probably the most important step, is to disconnect all the hoses from outside faucets.
Outside Faucet

Leaving hoses attached in cold weather can lead to cracked pipes…and the problem usually appears in the spring when you begin to use the hose again.  It’s never a fun to find out that while you were watering the new grass seed outside that your basement is also getting a heavy dose of water from the cracked pipe.  Even if you have individual shut off valves for the outside faucets -you still need to disconnect the hose, shut off the valve and run the water out before cold weather arrives.

It’s fun to see homeowners hand over “to do lists” to the buyers at closing or leave a set of instructions in the house.  Usually people who have taken care of their property are proud of their homes and hope to the next owners feel the same way.

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