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Let’s Play Ball!

filed under: Real Estate posted on July 24th, 2012

Mural in downtown Cincinnati
Mural in downtown Cincinnati

Getting in the Cincinnati real estate market is a lot like playing baseball -if you don’t get up to bat you’ll never know if you’ll hit a home run.

Standing on the sidelines during the current real estate market in greater Cincinnati is a lot like sitting outside the stadium in your car, with the windows closed, hoping somebody to hear somebody on the field might call your name.  You’ll never hear them because you don’t have the courage to be close put yourself in the game.  Agents have run out of fingers and toes counting the number sellers and buyers waiting for real estate to get better.  Better than what?  Better than low, lower and lowest interest rates in memory?  Shrinking number homes available for sale- so low that buyers, not willing to overpay for overpriced homes, are literally circling for the next property to hit the market so they can swoop in for a peek…and maybe an offer to buy?

Anybody looking for home or condo in Warren, Butler, Clermont and Hamilton Counties will find:

Number of Homes and Condos for Sale in Greater Cincinnati
Data from Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati.

The bulk of the homes/condos for sale have an asking price of $200,000 and below. And pending sales (properties that sold but have not yet closed) since June 20th indicate the sweet spot for buyers is either up to $100,000 with 566 deals or the $100,00 -$200,000 range with 668 deals.  Lot’s of opportunities for buyers attempting to make the move from renting to buying.  And while sellers may see the high number of lower priced listings as too much competition, think again.  Many of the current listings have been for sale for a long, long time.  So when new homes hit the market buyers literally stampede in order to have the opportunity to see it first.  Multiple offers (many competing offers at the same time on the same property) are happening again in greater Cincinnati.

So get off the bench and “play ball” because the longer you sit on the sidelines waiting to play in the Cincinnati real estate market…..well the mix of motivated buyers, sellers and low interest rates won’t last forever..  And while sellers may net less when they sell, they will also pay less if they buy another condo or home.  Call or  email if you want more information about current sales in your area or if you would like to begin house hunting now.

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