Why Use a Lock Box?

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If you want to sell your house-you need to have easy access to your property.  Occasionally at a listing appointment a seller will say “I don’t want a lock box on my house!”  I see their lips moving but what I’m really hearing is “I don’t really want to sell my property!”.  Today’s sellers have genuine concerns about safety and security when their Cincinnati property is listed for sale.  We tell home owners to safeguard valuables and secure any items which could topple over when potential buyers wander through the property.  But not having lock box access to the house is well….dumb.  Nobody in today’s market is going to drive somewhere to pick up a key or reschedule appointments so home owners can meet them at the door

In the greater Cincinnati market, Realtors and real estate companies are serious about setting and tracking showing appointments.  Adjustments are made for kids, pets and whatever the seller needs.  Having said that there are also lock box options for sellers and you need to discuss any issues with your agent.

Cincinnati Combo Lock BoxLock Box Options:

  • Combo or button lock box.  This is the old style, simple to use box where the access code is set by your agent and can be changed if you think somebody is coming in without setting an appointment.  Since it’s easy to open, some sellers like to remove the key from the  box at night or if kids are home alone.  Of course they have to remember to put the key back in the box.  Since more and more buyers have agents nearby cities like Dayton- then the combo/button box makes sense because those agents probably don’t have electronic keypads need to access the other type of commonly used lock box- electronic.
  • Electronic Lock Box.  To open a electronic lock box requires agents to have a electronic keypad.  The keypad has a unique id and the electronic box can spit out reports naming agents/electronic keys who accessed the property.  But as noted above-depending on where you live-electronic lock boxes may or may not be the best bet.  Also since homeowners do not have an electronic key pad- they cannot remove the key for any reason.

No matter which type of box you use-make sure it’s an easy to access location.  Scaling lamp posts, running around to the back door or hanging a utility box may can sometimes be impossible for agents to reach.  Recently “we” had to cancel a showing because the lock box was located on a trellis buried in vines….and poison ivy. That was a first for me- but it happens.

Remember putting all the emphasis on primping and show casing a property only works to the home seller’s advantage when access is both easy and fast.