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Where’s Waldo on the Multiple Listing Service Maps?

filed under: For Buyers posted on May 23rd, 2012

Sometimes the way we find property using the Cincy MLS  system reminds me of “Where’s Waldo?”

Realtors (c) around greater Cincinnati quickly adjust to the “lingo” of the local mls system.  An archaic code front the days when all the information was stored on 3 x 5 index cards stashed in desk drawers.  As the number of listings grew and the infamous mls books were published each month -the need to  organize “data” began….and today various areas and suburb indicator codes guide our mls searches.  For example Hyde Park is area E04 and the SIC (suburb indicator code) is HP, Mason is E09-MA, Clifton is E01-CL, Wyoming is W02-WY and Bridgetown is W08-BT.  Today the web sites hosted by the brokers offer shoppers an easy way to look for homes and most internet users search by city/suburb or street name. We can search that way too but the listings must have the proper coding in order to be entered into the mls- so Realtor(s) learn the lingo early in their careers.

I often hand a copy of the map to buyers-it helps them to understand the mls printouts- especially if their search is in the early stages and they haven’t narrowed down the search to a particular area.  The map comes in handy when a buyer falls in love with a home and then can’t remember any specific details like street or neighborhood.  I pull up another copy of the map and we play “point and find Waldo”.  You started driving here and ended up where?  And you think the property was around here?  Once they pointed to a spot on the map- it gives me a place to start the search.

Organizing our neighborhood areas is a good thing and hopefully one day we can combine mls systems with Dayton and Northern Kentucky (since buyers no longer just move a block or two from home) allowing agents and buyers easy access to all the local real estate information.


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