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Clutter Clutter Everywhere?

filed under: For Sellers posted on April 2nd, 2012

Store the Clutter!

Store the Clutter!

By Garret Stembridge

What to Store Before Your Property Goes on the Market

So, you’re selling your house soon and you know you have to get it all nice and tidy for showing to prospective buyers, but did you know that you need to remove nearly half your stuff too? It seems like a lot, but when you put your house on the market, there are a lot of things that can go into temporary storage in order to open up and de-clutter the property.

Here is a step-by-step list of all the things that need to be removed before anyone comes to show the house.

1. The Foyer or Entrance Hall
This area often becomes the drop room for families. Meaning that shoes, jackets, book bags, a table full of clutter, houseplants, umbrella racks and a rug are often found. Absolutely no clutter of any kind can be in this area. Make the kids take their stuff to their rooms, and get rid of the entrance table altogether so that you’re not tempted to let things build up on it. One houseplant is ok, but any more than that should be dispersed strategically throughout the house.

2. Kitchen Clutter
Counter tops should be cleared completely, and decorations should be stored. Prospective buyers need to see a blank slate, not your home-sweet-home.

3. Living & Family Rooms
Much like with the kitchen, it needs to be stricken of any unnecessary stuff. A sofa and chairs, TV and coffee table are fair game, but most everything else, especially things that sit on the floor or on shelves should also head for storage.

4. Bedrooms
Posters and paintings should come down and unless it is pretty neutral, only bedroom furniture gets to stay.

These adjustments can seem pretty major at first, but just remind everyone that they are temporary and when you move into your next place, everyone’s stuff will make the move as well. When you’re packing your storage unit, put anything you think you might need near the entrance to the unit just in case.

[Author’s Bio: In his role in the self storage industry, Garret Stembridge helps customers care for their cherished belongings that must be put in storage. Garret goes to see his facilities including a self storage facility in Cincinnati center. He was also recently meeting customers and staff at the Troy self storage facility]

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