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Home Safety and Security in Greater Cincinnati

filed under: Informational posted on November 30th, 2011

In Cincinnati holidays are hectic, people are tired and busy looking at decorations and not where they’re walking- it’s time to beef up home safety and security.

Thankfully the internet provides access to great checklists for both home safety and security.  The basics haven’t changed for safety or security -especially if your home is for sale.  Sellers need to “store” valuables out of sight-preferably in a home safe or safe deposit box.  Drugs and other prescription meds need to be secured too- because sometimes open houses can attract people intent on helping themselves to your belongings.

However the one element that none of the security checklists seem to acknowledge is the impact of social media.  If your home is vacant- do not announce it to the world via Facebook or foursquare or Twitter!  Most of the newer cell phones have GPS tracking which automatically lists your location when you post comments, check in or tweet.  It’s funny to watch the progress of some people as they check in at various locations, then tweet and Facebook about what they’re doing- which thieves would find useful if they wanted to break into homes or condos.

Don’t get me wrong, social media is here to stay but we need to be smarter about protecting the safety and security of ourselves and our property.  So play it safe- whether your property is up for sale or not….don’t let the world know that your home is vacant!

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