School Funding 101 for Fairfield Ohio Schools

School Funding 101 for Fairfield Ohio Schools

Fairfield Ohio Public School FundingLet me start by stating that I’m not an expert (or even close to one) about how schools are funded in the State of Ohio.  But an article in the local paper highlighted how heated the rhetoric becomes when it come to school levies- and sometimes it’s hard to know what’s happening to all the money.

Many moons ago when I worked in an office located in another school district the Superintendent invited me to join the group working on the school levy…and to put it bluntly I was dumfounded at the convoluted processes of how State & Federal money is allocated and then taken away.  The current requirements do not allow districts to save money in one area and and spend the savings where they’re needed.  Picture having your personal credit cards or checkbook restricted to covering only specified expenses- kind of hard to balance the books.

If you check the State’s site, the difference between actual and real funding due the Fairfield School District – is confusing and for voter’s who want to do what’s best…but not spend more than absolutely necessary….somebody needs to provide “Ohio School Funding for Dummies” or “Ohio School Funding 101” with a simple explanation of State funding of actual money versus phantom money and where the dollars are spent.

Though our kids never attended public schools, we have supported all but one of Fairfield’s school levies because we knew that good schools are important.  Voters need to take the time to understand the issues and separate fact from fiction before it’s time to vote.  And just for the record, Fairfield Schools are not alone when it comes to funding issues and with the state of State and Federal funding I would expect many years of levy issues for all the school districts serving greater Cincinnati.

What do you think?