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Learning to Appreciate Real Estate in Fairfield Ohio

filed under: Real Estate posted on March 4th, 2011

 Fairfield Real Estate

Fairfield is my hometown.  So like every home owner-I watch the local real estate market.  And like many of the areas surrounding the area, the sale prices of new and used single family homes has been an up and down roller coaster ride.

The best way to illustrate appreciation/depreciation in Fairfield real estate market is charted below.

 (Data from Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati and compiled by wonderful staff in the office)

fairfield stats

What this means that if your home is “for sale” right now- the market has fluctuated so much that we are currently seeing an average sale price of $140,457- and the last time homes averaged that sales price was in the 2001-2003 time frame.  So if you purchased a property in 2005-2007- you hit the high in the Fairfield real estate market and the current average price is significantly lower today.

On the other hand, newly constructed homes in Fairfield are bouncing up in price at a quicker pace- almost back to the higher averages in 2006-2007.

What does this mean to you- well if you’re not selling soon- it’s just information.  However if you have a property for sale or are thinking about selling sooner rather than later- then understanding the “ups and downs” in the Fairfield real estate market should help you determine what your house it really worth.  If not and you need more detailed information- call or email me.

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