Where are the Seven Hills in Cincinnati?

Mt Echo Park

I never thought a question on the chalkboard at First Watch in Springdale  would lead to so many anwers. And after listening to everybody’s answers- it’s clear that none of us should try out for a spot on  the TV show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

The actual location of the Seven Hills in Cincinnati started as a simple breakfast discussion (actually calling all our guessing as a discussion is a stretch) which turned into a group effort and ending with somewhat sketchy results.

No wonder people get confused when looking at Cincinnati real estate.

After listing all the correct answers I double checked accuracy on the internet and according to the University of Cincinnati Library the Seven Hills of Cincinnati are:

I kept on digging and discovered a UC Medical School publication listing several additional “Hills” -12 in all:

A view of Cincinnati, Ohio from one of the sur...

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It’s somewhat embarrassing when metro Cincinnati residents have trouble figuring what is real and what is historical in Cincinnati.  The oldest source that I found was a reference in a 1853 edition of West American Review which listed the Seven Hills as:

  •  Mt. Adams;  Walnut Hills;  Mt. Auburn;  Vine Street Hill;  Fairmont;  Mt. Harrison and College Hill.

So we have proven that several adults are definitely not smarter than fifth graders- but who knew there were so many variations of “Seven Hills”?

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