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First Time Home Buyers in Greater Cincinnati

filed under: For Buyers posted on August 19th, 2009

  first time home buyer

To buy real estate or not to buy?   This is the question.

Many readers have emailed requesting a guide or work sheet for first time home buyers.  It’s a great idea- but every first time home buyer is not created equal and my attempts to write down guidelines usually end of up almost as thick as the yellow pages. Whether you live in West Chester, Liberty Twp, Fairfield or greater Cincinnati there are too many details and way too many what ifs!  So for the sake of brevity and ease of use -I’m going to try a series of articles for first time property buyers.

Some questions for first timers:

  1. Why are you buying a home or condo?
  2. Can you really afford to purchase?
  3. Did you sit down with a lender and get preapproved?

Things to think about when purchasing real estate:

  1. Can you afford to maintain interior and exterior?
  2. Do you like to cut the lawn, weed, paint, caulk and shovel snow?
  3. How long do you think you will be residing in the property?

Who is (are) the decision maker(s):

  1. You (the actual buyers)?
  2. Your parents or grandparents?
  3. Friends or coworkers?

How do you find a realtor?

  1. Recommendation?
  2. Open House?
  3. Listing agent?
  4. Web site or blog?

Each real estate deal is unique! 

Buying real estate can be a fun and frustrating experience and usually the process and usually proceeds along a path of: of -house (or condo) hunting, writing a purchase contract, negotiating contract, inspections, lender requirements, appraisals, negotiating again after home inspection, securing property insurance and closing the transaction.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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