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Is Your Condo the Right One for Greater Cincinnati Buyers?

filed under: For Sellers posted on February 4th, 2013

There are lots of Cincinnati condos for sale and finding and targeting the right buyer can be a game of “cat and mouse”!

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MCat and Mouse in Cincinnati Real Estate

Sometimes the best way to “catch” the mouse in the current real estate market is take a quick look at what the price “average cats” were able to sell their condos  around greater Cincinnati.  According to the CincyMLS  in 2012, 1916 condos sold/closed within the 4 counties serving our area. (Butler, Warren, Hamilton and Clermont)  The average sale price was$128,020 and 165 was the magic number for average number of days on the market.  So if you’re currently trying to sell your $100,000. condo and it’s been on the market for a year- what gives?

Selling time and average price are impacted by lots of things:

  • Competition
  • Condition
  • # of Bedrooms
  • Interest Rates
  • Mortgage Worthiness of Complex

Last year sellers in Warren County sold 333 condos with an overall average sale price of $140,861.  However pricing was impacted by number of bedrooms and the chart below (all data for all the charts pulled from CincyMLS)

County Condo Sales for 2012

No surprise- 2 bedroom condos were the big seller in 2012 and pricing/financing usually plays into what size units buyers can afford.  And as you look at the numbers for the other 3 counties, 2 bedroom units swept the “best selling” category.

Clermont County Condo Sales in 2012

Hamilton County had the highest number of sales with almost 3 times as many 2 bedroom as 3 bedroom units changing hands.

Hamilton County Condo Sales for 2012

And finally Butler County which had the only sales for 5+ bedroom condos- a very unique commodity in our marketplace.

Butler County Condo Sales for 2012

Looking at the “days on market” all the counties -but Butler- 3 bedroom condos sold in a shorter time frame than 2 bedroom units.  In many locations investors are snapping up 2 bedroom units to use as rental income which brings up the point of the ability of buyers to obtain a mortgage.  Lending guidelines have impacted complexes with too many rentals or problems with HOA reserves/funds- so ask you agent about the status of FHA\VA  mortgage funding prior to making a decision to sell.

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