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Believe it or Not-Homes in Greater Cincinnati are Selling

filed under: Real Estate posted on November 19th, 2012

Buyers and sellers in greater Cincinnati would have a much easier time understanding the local real estate market if all the information was black or white!

Greater Cincinnati Single Family Home Sales
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Unfortunately activity in the local real estate market can be described in many ways.  In general, the sales volume and average sales prices are up when comparing the 2012 market to 2011.

Greater Cincinnati Single Family Home Sales 103112

The dollar sales volume for all 4 counties is higher and as you can see in the chart below the average sales prices is steady (Warren County) or ahead of last year.

  2011   2012  
  # Units Avg Sales Price # Units Avg Sales Price
Butler 2767 $135,280 2912 $142,717
Clermont 1408 $161,738 1689 $162,368
Hamilton 5634 $160,156 6145 $165,470
Warren 1708 $211,738 1971 $211,387

The rise in the average sales price is good news for underwater owners and for today’s sellers, however prices are not back to the highs we experienced before the housing bubble burst.  Unfortunately local sales have slowed because not enough new listings are popping up to grab buyers and fence sitting potential sellers tend to delay putting their property on the market until after the holidays.  So if you are waiting until January to sell the black and white message is very clear- buyers are buying now and interest rates remain at a historic low.  If you’re serious about selling-now is the time to list!

If you’re not sure about sale prices each neighborhood and home has unique characteristics- send a request for a market evaluation.

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