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What’s Happening with 17% of the Greater Cincinnati Housing Market?

filed under: For Buyers, Foreclosures & Short Sales posted on January 6th, 2012

10880–the current number of active listing of single family homes and condos in the Cincy MLS.

17% (1881) of the the listings are categorized as having somebody other than the consumer as the owner- our way of adapting to the changing real estate landscape.  The 17% include:

And like all designations- sometimes agents make a mistake and mark the wrong category- for example several of the “corporate owned” are actually owned by lenders.

So depending on what part of town you’re looking at properties, buyers have a fairly good chance of viewing a home or condo that either is owned by the lender or requires lender approval of the contract.  The ownership is not a  deal breaker- but may require patience to wait for counter offers and/or contract approvals.  Hopefully your agent has discussed the ins and outs of today’s real estate market before you started the home search process. Unfortunately, even though the >

These properties are often “unloved” and shunned because of lender involvement…but if real estate buyers really want a “deal”-how can you ignore 17% of the inventory?

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